Winning the fight against pediatric cancer!

Red, White & Cure Foundation, Inc.

Informally organized in the fall of 2009, Red, White & Cure began to take shape when Ashton was undergoing in-patient treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a very rare and aggressive pediatric blood cancer.  During Ashton’s 10 month treatment, it became clear that AML and other rare pediatric cancers were not research priorities due to a lack of grants targeting this category of disease.  Our own very personal experience provided insight into the medical community’s lack of complete understanding of this disease, as well as the most effective diagnostic methods and treatments.  Given the poor survival rates for this patient population, as well as the clear research, advocacy, and support needs, a caring group of supporters decided to take action.  

Red, White & Cure Foundation, Inc. is governed by a strong 9-member board of directors, representing the medical, financial, military, academic, marketing, and youth communities.

Most people don’t notice the impacts of pediatric cancers and the toll they take on families.  Since Ashton’s diagnosis, we have discovered countless others who’ve been affected by rare childhood diseases.  AML and other pediatric cancers are common enough to deserve greater attention from the medical community, and far too heartbreaking to be ignored by us.  

Red, White & Cure Provides hope for families in need!

It couldn't happen to us?!

Your child has cancer.  Words you can’t believe you heard… 

This is the story of lives turned upside-down with a pediatric cancer diagnosis and the passionate community that rose to fight the battle…

Red, White & Cure Foundation, Inc. is a charitable non-profit organization focused on the defeat of childhood and adolescent cancers.  Founded in response to a personal experience with adolescent blood cancer and its subsequent treatment, Red, White & Cure seeks to improve survival rates, patient care, and research opportunities, as well as support affected families.  Red, White & Cure raises money and awareness through community activities and events that center on fun, family, and healthy choices.  Proceeds from the Foundation’s activities are used to fund research in the areas of childhood and adolescent hematological oncology, as well as provide grants to families with demonstrated need.  We are a committed, passionate, all volunteer organization.